About Us


Life is Really Hard, but it's also Really Beautiful.

So we design products that allow you to be positive with us.

My wife's and my goal is to create a life of adventure with others so that we all feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.


This isn't always easy. In 2017 I was going through anxiety and depression and then I lost my mother within a few weeks after we found an unexpected brain tumor. It was the most challenging period of life I had experienced up until that point.


Life is a full range of emotions. There are times to be excited and times to cry out. All of these are ok and a part of humanity.


I developed this brand because although life is insanely hard, it's also crazy beautiful.

And we choose the positive.


Come with us…


Note: *Each item is created just for you when you place your order. Please allow up to 7 days for the items to be individually made and then shipped out to you. You'll get an email notification when your purchase is on its way. We appreciate your business!